Conservation: We are dedicated to improve the environment that our Northwest fish are challenged to survive in. This includes all species of fish found in our waters that are part of the total ecosystem. The goal is to sustain what we have for ourselves and for future generations.

Monofilament Recovery: Many of our club members have observed the amount of discarded monofilament on the shores and in the water at heavily fished local sites. “Gobs” of monofilament pose a problem for adult fish, down river smolts, birds, and animals. Humans should be included as some have been snared by the monofilament in the water while wading.

 We became aware of recovery tubes on the IFFF’s website and decided to target two of our local rivers using their recovery system. They are the Kalama and the upper Cowlitz. We prepared, submitted and received a grant from the Washington IFFF Council to launch the project. After receiving approval to install the tubes by the responsible agencies, we deployed five monofilament recovery tubes. Three on the upper Cowlitz and two on the Kalama River were installed. A picture of the recovery tubes are shown below. Our assessment, after a year in use, is that they are effective in recovering discarded monofilament.

Cowlitz Fly Anglers